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I am trying to figure out what type of bearings my motors have so that I can set up a preventative maintenance schedule. I have all their bearing numbers from off the motor nameplate. However, I havent found any reliable information on what the bearing codes mean. I have found this site: http://www.cmec-jz.com/english/service/index.asp . That site has information that doesnt apply to most bearings. For example, some of my codes have seal and shield codes that are mentioned in that site, but others do not.

Does anyone know of some information that will tell me what the bearing codes mean?
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OK, I got it loaded this time...........

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Word DocAFBMA_to_SKF.doc (47 Kb, 117 downloads)
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There are many articles on bearing and their number code under alignment, balancing and vibration on the next header. Speed dictates frequency gengerally and also the ABEC number has a factor to adjust frequency.
A 110BC03ZZ AFBMA bearing number would read as a 110 mm bore - concrad - C3 fit - shielded. So a 110 mm bore may read as a SKF 6322 bearing (22 X 5 = 110). You can go to the SKF site and get a lot of info as well.

Sam Pickens

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If you search AFBMA on the vib forum you will find a number of threads on the subject. One here:

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